Brazilian Portuguese language lessons ​ Learn this beautiful language, in an easy and friendly brazilian way.

Brazilian Portuguese language lessons

Learn this beautiful language in an easy and friendly brazilian way.

                       You will learn correct grammar as well as everyday relaxed conversation and Brazilian culture.


What the students say:


"I have been studying with Rubens for one year now and am astonished by my progress so far. Rubens is calm and patient with total beginners such as myself, his teaching methodology gives a strong base and allows for fast compounding of vocabulary. Lessons fly by and are made even more enjoyable by Rubens's upbeat positive attitude. I would recommend Rubens to anyone looking to study Portuguese."
Bijan Dhanani – Belmont Property

"Rubens is professional, enthusiastic and incredibly patient. He is an amazing teacher and I truly look forward to my lessons each week. I have been learning Brazilian Portuguese for just over 6 months and am thrilled and amazed at my progression starting as an absolute beginner. Not only do I get to learn the language but also about the Brazilian culture which I have grown to love. With Rubens encouragement, my confidence has grown immensely in speaking the language. If you are looking for a fun and structured approach to learn Brazilian Portuguese, I would definitely recommend."
Amy Ong

"I loved learning Portuguese with Rubens. He made the lessons so fun and enjoyable that it never felt like studying. I was a complete beginner and wanted to learn the basics before moving to Portugal and in a very short amount of time, Rubens helped me to learn a lot and to feel confident enough to use what I’d learnt when I arrived in Portugal. He was so encouraging and it was a pleasure to be around his warm and sunny personality."

Jane Sheppard

"Rubens has been a great tutor and Portuguese mentor from day one. We've been meeting for almost four months now, and my command of the Portuguese language has snapped right back into place. He really is an efficient teacher, and more than anything a nice person with whom to get together to chat about our lives. I enjoy my time with Rubens and always go away knowing I've improved a bit more and brightened my day."
Keoni Kailimai

"Rubens is a very friendly, engaging and encouraging Portuguese language teacher. As an absolute beginner, who found it hard to learn languages at school, Rubens made an apprehensive person feel very welcome and relaxed. His 1-2-1 lessons are structured well and he uses varied methods that are logical, easy to understand, and interactive. I would recommend Rubens to anyone wishing to learn Portuguese."
Darren Lewis

‘’I have been learning with Rubens for a few months now and already feel that I am progressing well. Rubens has a good teaching style with material that he created himself. It flows and progresses well in a logical manner that is easy to understand for beginners such as myself. I am learning for both personal and business reasons and I think the cost of the 1-1 tuition is extremely well priced for the quality of teaching; you won’t find anything better in London!!! Muito obrigado, Rubens."
Tom Garrett, Chartered Insurance Broker

"I already had a few failed attempts at learning Portuguese before my first lesson with Rubens. Since starting however, I have been able to stick with it for the last 5 months (previously unimaginable!). This is helped by the fantastic location, flexibility with lesson times and the quality of the teaching materials (which he has produced himself). However, it is mainly down to the positivity and enthusiasm which he brings to every lesson; both of which are immensely valuable when learning a new language, and in particular when doing so after work!"
Dominic Smith, Insurance Brokerage

“Rubens is fantastic! Very patient, very enthusiastic and most importantly a great teacher!”
Janyn Williams

"I found Rubens very patient and clear in his instructions. He has a lot of experience in teaching Portuguese and this is evident in his approach and understanding of how to manage pupils - I cannot recommend him enough."
Andrew King

“Rubens is a great teacher and makes learning fun. Very flexible with catering to my needs for learning Brazilian Portuguese. Highly recommended.”
Zac Mendel

"When I first met Rubens back in 2015 he was my first ever contact with the Portuguese language and my first teacher. I really enjoyed my classes with him because he was very friendly, patient and his calm way of explaining things was just right. I was able to create a good base for my ongoing learning process. I would totally recommend him to anyone who's looking to start learning Portuguese. Obrigada, Rubens!"
Daniela Schmidt

"Before heading out to brazil for charity work, I had to improve my Portuguese fast. Rubens helped me tremendously to get my basic Portuguese in order and he taught me the necessary language for my everyday life and work in Brazil.
Rubens even came over to my workplace in London and helped me with specific working phrases and vocabulary. He taught me both, the formal and the everyday form of the language. And this proved to be very useful in Brazil, since no one really used 'textbook' Portuguese in everyday interaction. In addition, his classroom is well located and he is very organized and punctual. I highly recommend him as a Portuguese teacher."
Aron Tarjani